Course Plans

Honestly, I was not a well-organized person.

But I have learned to live with it and thus be spontaneous and adapt to situations. Throughout the year I taught at Duke, I started having a clear plan for each class, but I also learned that this plan would almost never work out exactly as planned. When I see that an activity is enjoyed by the students, I try to do more of it, or rather activities like it, and I avoid doing an activity akin to ones I felt did not work out as well as anticipated.

The following course plans are in chronological order and will thus, in theory, become more and more organized and effective. Different chapters from the Sur le Vif textbook, which my class was following, will be presented in each of them and thanks to that, different subjects and grammatical points.


One of the first classes I taught – I used it to make the students get to know each other. Although the chapter focuses on the youth, this class was dedicated to learning how to describe and how to compare in French.

Lesson Plan Descriptions and Comparisons


This is a very general course plan I use quite often when there’s a quiz that day. It is a class mainly there to reassure the students and to consolidate their skills for thi chapter one last time.

Lesson Plan Quiz


A class on immigration in which the students watched an interview for Le Petit Journal. This class didn’t go as well as expected, but the activity on watching the interview was interesting nevertheless (and can be given a look on this website, in the Activities rubric)

Lesson Plan Immigration


This chapter was on means of transportation in France. I tried doing an introductory class with quite some emphasis put on the Velo’v and Velib’, bikes used especially by students the same age as mine, so as to pique their interest more than if I just focused on more traditional means.

Lesson Plan Transportations


One of the last classes of the semester in which I try to awaken the students’ “sens critique” by having interesting discussions and talking about politics. A class that turned out very well and was met with enthusiasm by the students

Lesson Plan Ecology and COP21



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